Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Doggie Detente - It Only Took 6 Weeks

As the resident DWI (Dog With Issues,) we were very leery of how Beanie would react to a puppy.
And we were right to be worried. Beanie says, "Don't you look at me!"
Weezy's relentlessness didn't help matters any. "Hey, Beanie! Wha'cha doin?"

There seemed to be only one way Beanie could settle her down without incurring the wrath of Mom & Dad.
But then DWI realized that Weezy really looked up to him. She just wanted to be like him. She even joined him in his many neurotic pursuits, such as pointless digging in the bed corners.
He also likes to audit her training sessions, which nets him treats for tricks he has down pat.

Beanie does have to admit that her antics can be pretty amusing.

It's official. Weezy is part of the pack.


  1. Hi Weezy, Beanie, and Bacon! Glad y'all are gettin along, I gave Finley da Elvis impreshun for quite a while before I got over her bein here.

  2. Yep, dat lip curl Whitley did were kinda intimidatin', but she got ovfur it and finally accepted me... now we is BFFs!

  3. Hi glad y'all are learnin to like each other!

  4. Weezy Weezy!!! Bacon!! Beanie!! It's me, the Fizzbutt!! Oh I'm so happy to see you here! I can't wait to read all about your adventures!

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  6. PUPS!!!!!! Frum the good ol' days! It's Me! Zoe!! Hi, hi, hi!

    Fizzy sent me ofur. That lil Weezy looks like a pawful. Shur glad the lil Beanie divil dog is allowin her to live there.
    Now I gotta go read all the uther stuff bout Mz. Weezy.

  7. Sugar and Spice are often quite nice,
    But naughty brings home the most smiles.

  8. We spell issues as "ishoos" in our house. Makes them seem much sweeter and easier to deal with. Hee hee!

  9. Julie, I deleted your comment as a personal note seemed to have been included in error. Thank you for following Miss Weezy! So good to see old Dogster friends, and new friends here, too. Weezy is two and a half handfuls. But at 13 weeks, she's starting to get to the good part of puppyhood. As I told everyone who would listen, for all her little pink outfits, there was nothing sweet about her for the last 6 weeks. She'd bite your face off. BOL! But we all love her just the same. :)

  10. Crikey ...... looks like she's settling in nicely, aye?? There's nothing quite like a terrier puppy for mischief!!

  11. Hey Weezy!!! I am an Airedale Terror, and I have something in common with Beanie...I am also a doggie with 'issues'! BOL!! Yuppers! Lots of them..we won't go into them now...
    Anyhu, It sure is nice to meet you, and I hopes you stop by and say 'hey' sometime and have a margarita (when your older..of course ☺)
    Ruby ♥

  12. You and the Beanie are quite the pair! How 'bout Bacon, do you enjoy him too?

    You look ferocious in the banner up there, BOL! I hope its 'just a front' to cover up the sweetness inside!

    I love the picture of you in the 'nest' whilst Beanie watches you, you look like a sort of bunny there, OMD!!

    Come and visit me and maybe even my kitty brofurs! Pipo will give you free nose whaps, Minko might decide to snuggle with ya!

  13. Just noticed y'all disappeared from da Faceybook place... y'all okay?

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